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Drs. Elliot and Dr. David Foster have assembled a team of health care providers that specialize in providing exceptional care. Our goal is to maximize your health so that you feel better and stay well in the future. All the services we offer are noninvasive, safe and effective. They can be combined for an overall wellness program that ensures your body’s ability to function at its peak performance.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is often an effective way to relieve your pain with a spinal adjustment. We’ll start with a thorough examination and have digital X-ray facilities on-site that show your results in under a minute. Over the years, we’ve incorporated many gentle chiropractic techniques to serve our patients with their unique conditions.

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Imagine a life free from physical pain. Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that can restore your body’s natural balance. We help people of all ages seeking relief from neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, leg pain, stress, allergies and gynecological problems. In our spa-like, professional atmosphere, Michael Ng, L.Ac. (Dipl) and Dr. Shannon DiCarlo, Doctor of Acupuncture and Registered Nurse are ready to help you manage pain and increase your wellness.

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Physical Therapy

At our state-of-the-art, brand-new facility, our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Haider Rizvi, can address acute and chronic injuries. We help pediatric cases, neurological conditions, postoperative care, injury prevention and wellness and work-related injuries. Our rehabilitation utilizes various treatments to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome.

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Accidents and Auto Injury Care

After the initial shock that comes from being involved in an accident, you may notice pain, sometimes not until days later. You should be evaluated as soon as possible to limit the potential of living with long-term damage or pain.

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