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Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies

Acupuncture and TCM allergy-woman-sneeze(Traditional Chinese Medicine) take a holistic or whole body approach to health.  This means your acupuncturist will take into account your whole self, not just your symptoms, in order to get to the root of your health concerns.  You will work together to find out how factors like your lifestyle and emotional and mental well-being may be affecting your health.

For example, a large part of our population may be suffering with symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes and even fatigue that occur during this time of the year.  People are spending millions of dollars on medications and allergy shots for the treatment of seasonal allergies.

Why not try acupuncture?  One of acupuncture’s benefits is the ability to reduce inflammation in our muscles, our joints and yes, even our sinuses!  Patients often experience quick relief after an initial series of treatments.  Most patients end up significantly reducing or eliminating their dependence on allergy medications by continuing acupuncture treatments,  some who have failed medication and allergy shots may respond better to acupuncture. Depending on individual results, some patients come in a couple of times a year, while others may come more often. With acupuncture treatments we tend to breathe better, sleep better and digest better, so naturally, our bodies create more energy.  acupuncture

Getting the chance to really discuss your health concerns with your care provider, and having your provider really listen, may be new to you.  Think of it as your opportunity to form a partnership for better health.   As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I can tell you that allergies don’t have to be a handicap in your life, always requiring you to depend on nasal decongestants and sleep aides.  It can be done in a more natural way, with less side effects and better results!

Andrew Dubyna, L.Ac.

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