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Tele-Health: Using Technology to Better Our Lives

What is Tele-Health?

Girl with headset onA face to face call with the professional of your choice to discuss your specific problem or question. The doctor will answer any of your questions relating to your issues using related anatomical images and models.

How do I set up a Tele-Health call?

Please click the button below, then proceed to an available date and time. Enter your cell number for the doctor to call at your desired date and time. Please note the incoming call will be from a blocked number.

How much does a Tele-Health call cost?

Our tele-health phone call is a free service, which allows the doctor and patient to implement new technology with old-fashioned face-to-face health care.

*Disclaimer: This teleconference call is an introduction not an evaluation with a medical diagnosis. A diagnoses can only be determined in person with a full history, extensive examination and if needed x-rays.

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