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Massage Therapy in Rutherford, NJ

Massage Therapy RutherfordMassage therapy benefits have been proven over and over with our patients in accordance with their chiropractic treatment. Here at Wellness One of South Bergen/Family Chiropractic Center in Rutherford, NJ, our chiropractors frequently recommend massage for a very wide variety of patients because of its powerful healing benefits and its remarkable ability to enhance chiropractic care. While chiropractic spinal adjustments focus on skeletal alignment, massage focuses on the supporting soft tissues, healing, toning and rehabilitating them so they are more able to support a healthy posture.

The massage style used depends on the patient’s injury and condition and the recommendations from our chiropractors; they work carefully together to develop massage therapy plans tailored directly to the needs of each patient. The most commonly-known form, Swedish massage, involves long, gliding strokes, kneading, friction and tapping. There are several deep-tissue massage techniques that are designed to break down deeper scar tissue and adhesions that cause pain and prevent muscles from working as they should. Everyone from chronic back pain patients to car accident or sports injury patients can benefit from the massage styles offered here in our center.

Specific and Powerful Benefits

In our doctors’ and our patients’ experiences, the effleurage, rubbing, kneading, and tapping of massage have very specific and powerful medical benefits. The first that comes to mind is stress relief, which should never be underestimated as a strategy for good health and injury recovery. Stress negatively impacts your immune system, heart health, chronic pain, mood and sleep patterns. Massage therapy is a powerful stress reliever that can help with all of those things. In fact, we have seen massage lower levels of cortisol in our patients. (Cortisol is stress hormone that, after prolonged overexposure, has been blamed for blood sugar problems, heart damage and abdominal fat accumulation.)

Here at our center, massage is an essential aspect of recovery from injuries and chronic painful conditions. Massage naturally loosens tensions in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also breaks down painful scar tissue that hinders natural movement. Massage lowers inflammation levels particularly in injured, overworked muscles. This enables injured soft tissues to recover more quickly and improves flexibility and range of motion that enhances physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments. Massage increases circulation and releases endorphins into the bloodstream for natural pain relief and wellness.

Patients overwhelmingly report that they have enjoyed numerous positive health benefits of massage during their treatment with us. It feels good, helps them sleep better, relaxes them, and accelerates their healing from many types of injuries.

Meet our Rutherford Massage Therapist and find out how she can help you attain a better quality of life.


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